Tasty Treats

Our Kettlecorn is cooked at just the right temperature and our sifting table takes care of any unpopped kernels (old maids) to ensure a delicious bag every time. Slightly sweet, lightly salted and popped with all natural ingredients.

  • 100% Pure Corn Oil
  • Sugar & Salt
  • Nebraska Corn
  • 100% Gluten and Peanut Free
  • 43 Different Flavours

Specialty Kettlecorn Flavours

Chicago Mix Kettlcorn

Caution highly addictive! Rich delicious Caramel Corn hand blended with our pure savoury cheddar corn.

Dan's Banana Split Kettlecorn

It’s all in the perfect scoop of Banana, Chocolate, Pink Cherry & French Vanilla Kettle Corn - a delicious combination.

Sweet & Salty Dill Kettlecorn

A new tangy favourite

Chocolate Drizzle Kettlecorn

Keepin’ it simple but delicious with our original Kettlecorn drizzled with milk or dark chocolate.

Buttery Theatre Style Kettlecorn

You bring the movie and drinks we’ll bring the popcorn. A must for every movie night!

Rainbow Magic Kettlecorn

Get your daily serving of 6 fruits in all one bag. A super juicy and tasty treat


More Gourmet Kettlecorn Flavours

Triple Threat – Chocolate, Caramel & Original Mix • Maplicious • Cocoa Dust • Chocolate • Creamy Dill • Cajun Sweet Smokey BBQ • Sweet & Spicy Herbs • Strawberry & Banana • Caramel Corn • Caramel Apple • Cinnamon Sugar Hersey Smore’s • Apple Pie • Pink Cherry • Blue Raspberry • Purple Grape • Strawberry

More Tasty Treats

Hand Squeezed Old Fashioned Lemonade

Pucker up to 32 oz. of refreshing and natural goodness! We are shaking all natural ice cold lemonade at most summer events in the Yellow Kettlecorn Tent! Flavours: Strawberry, Cherry, Mango, Mojito or Sugar Free

Soft Serve Ice Cream

Melt away in summer with this twisted treat! Available at our events in the “Twisted” Trailer. Flavours: chocolate and vanilla twists, 8 flavour burst soft serve options, milkshakes, sundaes and razzles.

Cotton Candy

Fluffy sugary clouds to daydream about! Available at most events in the Yellow Kettlecorn Tent, at the Thunder Bay Country Market every Saturday at the CLE grounds or by special order. Small & Large tubs available.

Soft Dough Pretzels

Fuhgeddaboudit New York!  No one would've guessed you could find an authentic pretzel in the Bay! Deliciously rich flavour baked right in that's salty, chewy, fluffy and slightly sweet! Flavours include: Lightly Salted, Unsalted, & Cinnamon Sugar

Candy Apples

Become a kid again, no matter what your age with this nostalgic treat. Available at select events or by special order. Flavours include Caramel, Chocolate and Candy


We deliver our handcrafted kettlecorn twice a week to ensure you always receive the freshest product at the following outlets in Thunder Bay.


Maltese Grocery

Shopper’s Drug Mart


George’s Market

Thunder Bay Country Market


Airport Gift Shop

Metro Stores



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Event Calendar

Past Events

We have worked with the following events over the years – hats off to the dedicated people who work behind the scenes to make amazing Festivals and Events happen in Thunder Bay.

  • City of Thunder Bay (Summer in the Parks, Movie Night, Canada Day)
  • Blues Festival
  • Fort William Historical Park
  • Hymers Fall Fair
  • Lake Superior Day
  • Canadian Lakehead Exhibition (CLE, Yard & Garden Show)
  • Ribfest
  • Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce
  • Westfort Street Fair
  • Festival of India
  • National Aboriginal Day
  • Relay for Life
  • Thunder Bay Dragon Boat Festival and Youth Dragon Boat Festival